Out of the Box Inside the Box



I love Doctor Who. Fun show. Am especially fond of the David Tennant and Matt Smith characters.

Now, one of the things that cracks me up is how much I have learned about God’s nature through the character of the Doctor. My general impression of his character is that he either has more agnostic or atheistic leanings, as far as theology and whatnot goes. (Of course, I have only seen the seasons with Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith. Fellow Whovians, I welcome your thoughts and insights.) Now, there might be some out there who think that a person cannot learn much about the nature of God from either an atheist or agnostic.

I tend to disagree.

See, my perspective is this: every person is a glorious work of God-art—with God as his/her ultimate source and origin. One can learn so much in regards to the artist by looking at his/her art. And . . . when one disrespects or disregards the art, one is disrespecting or disregarding the artist. The cool thing about God-art is that God-art makes more art, including epic shows such as Doctor Who and delightful characters such as the Doctor. So, you can look at the art made by the God-art and get to know the God-art. And in getting to know the God-art, you often get to know God.

So, a quick look at the Doctor:

The Doctor’s compassion for all creatures really touches my heart. It reminds me of God’s compassion for people. The Doctor’s ability to time-travel with his TARDIS reminds me of how God can be inside and outside time all at once. The Doctor’s desire for companionship reminds me that God loves having friends. The Doctor’s ability to get along with so many different species of creatures reminds me that God is an includer who treasures diversity. And whether the Doctor actually believes in Jesus—the God-man—or not, I can’t help but think he resembles Him in a lot of ways . . .







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