Presently, we are present.

We are not past. We are not future.

We are present.

There is quite a bit to enjoy about being in the here and now. Take a good look around you. My friend, you exist! Is that not a marvel in and of itself? 

I rather like the present. Lots of choices we can make in the present. Choices that do not have to be bound by the past because the past is past. And the present is present. Enjoy your present. Open your present. 

Why, yes. I do believe that it is a gift. 

You know, it’s wonderful to dream. It’s wonderful to make plans for the future. Lovely thing to do. I rather enjoy it. But the fact is, even this is done in the present. And when the dream is fulfilled and the plan carried out, it, too, is done in the present because then and there is the present. Then and there is happening.

Until it is happening, it is not present. 

You know, I do wonder why God gave the name “I AM” to Moses when they met via burning bush. I do wonder . . .

What does it look like for one big Presence to interact with the whole of time and space? One big “I AM”? An “I AM” so big that this “I AM” overshadows past, present, and future as we know it. How exactly does that work? 

I jolly well don’t know, but I sure get a good chuckle out of it, and if I think about it too long, I might just pass out on the floor, shouting, “GLORY!” and “HOLY!” 

I mean, what else am I supposed to do? 



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