I like asking questions.

How else am I to learn anything?

When I know something, I know it. When I don’t know something, I don’t know it. There’s never any shame in that.

I used to think that God would get mad at me if I asked too many or the wrong kind. After all, according to many human beings, there are certain questions that can get you into trouble, and there are certain things better to blindly accept rather than risk being turned into human bacon in the fires of hell. Or risk being ostracized by the people who believe that God would turn someone into human bacon in the fires of hell for not blindly accepting those things.

Take a step back for just a minute and look at what’s going on here. 

Does it not seem circular to you?

If you want to know my personal opinion: believing in a god like that—one who would condemn the questioner, the truth seeker—seems more like hell to me than the human bacon option. At least the human bacon gets to be honest and is not obligated to violate his or her conscience.

I just don’t believe that God is that kind of cranky. I mean, are we talking about the same God? The One who made kangaroos and giraffes and the platypus? The same God who made and was besties with King David? King David—you know, the guy with all the vents and songs and stuff in the middle of the Bible. If King David were here today, would he get labeled a heretic by so-called God-believers for asking the questions that he did?

Okay, so maybe I have a hard time believing in a hateful God because—among other things—He supernaturally healed me of a cold, put sparkles of out nowhere on my hands more than one time, and just keeps doing sweet things for me each and every day just like we’re some cute old married couple.

So . . . when all this hate stuff gets attributed to my bestie, I feel a little sad. And puzzled. 

I ask God questions all the time. I want to get to know Him. He’s just so . . . good, and I keep getting to uncover more layers of His goodness. And I feel like a God like that is worthy of honesty, you know?

He’s worthy of being sought by honest seekers.

So, here’s my challenge, folks: don’t be afraid to ask questions. Honest questions.

And starting expecting a response.


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