Hello, Again!


It’s been a while since I last wrote on here. I thought I would pop in again and say “hello”!

Life has continued to be one wacky learning adventure. My paradigm has been shifted once more—and I suspect that’s going to be something that keeps happening.

I wanted to talk about the joys I have discovered in learning today. You see, if you start off knowing everything (in the know-it-all-sense), it’s a bit of a bummer. What’s there to discover? What’s there to find? You can tout your knowledge, go about feeling all superior to the ignorant masses, and wind up miserable and lonely with no real, genuine relationships. But at least you’re better than everyone else? Right? Am I right?

What happens when you fail? You find out that you’re not as smart as you thought? (At least according to one of the many arbitrarily-made human standards out there!) Boom. There goes your value as a human being, you worthless little ignoramus.

I know what it is like to experience the pressure to perform like a circus-monkey. To please people. To “have it all together.” “Make a good impression.” To appeal and appease. To avoid making any single wrong move that someone could call you out on and thereby degrade your value as a person.

That’s all pure hell.

I’m going to know what I know when I know it. I may not always be “right.” I may not always be “correct.” I may even make typos. Misspell stuff because my brain feels sleepy. I may royally fall on my face a couple of times. But I am alive. I am learning. I exist. It’s a wonder; that’s what it is!

All this to say, you jolly people, you have permission to BE! Learn! Love! Have epic adventures, precious ones! And don’t be afraid of making mistakes.




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