Prophets or Madmen?


Each culture has a certain set of what we call “norms.”

That means that in one culture a person who is considered “gifted” or even a “prophet” may be considered worthy of being medicated, institutionalized or even killed in another. It all has to do with these “norms” we put forth as a society.

What do our norms say about us as a culture?

Do we even want to look?

I have been thinking about how certain segments of society treat people who have been diagnosed with what is commonly called “Down Syndrome.” Extra chromosome, right? Maybe looks a little different, right?

Me, personally?  Some of the sweetest humans I have ever been blessed to meet!

And yet, how do we treat them? Pregnant women are frequently urged to have their unborn children tested for Down Syndrome. Why? Well, apparently if they do have Down Syndrome, we can simply flush the kid and try again.

Umm . . . this is okay, why???

What are we being taught about the value and the worth of a human being?

Is not perspective a blessing? Do we truly value diversity?

I think we see a truer form of mental illness in people who believe that it is okay to wreak havoc and destruction in the lives of others than we see in all these extraneous labels we are pumping out now-a-days. If you think that it is okay to hurt the innocent, oppress the poor, and rub the faces of the orphan and the widow in the dirt—-that, my friend, is real mental illness.




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