Raise the Bar


I have come to the conclusion that there are certain things that I am okay with and certain things I will not allow to stand. That comes from me valuing myself and desiring the best quality life for me and the people around me. Out of this, I have come up with a list of declarations:

  1. I will believe in myself. If God thought I was a good idea, then I rest my case.
  2. I will not settle for mediocre relationships.
  3. I will believe in everyone’s inherent royalty.
  4. I am a no-fly zone for shame, manipulation, co-dependency and narcissism.
  5. I answer to God first and foremost. I love people; I treasure and honor people, but I answer to God.
  6. My voice matters—as does that of every human being. We are powerful!
  7. Faithfulness and loyalty are a must in romantic relationships. Put a ring on it, or take a hike!
  8. I will not abide the hatred of children.
  9. I will not abide predatory behavior.
  10. I am going to live an epic life and thank God for every second of it!

If this struck a chord with you, I would challenge you to make your own list of declarations. Be powerful. Use your voice. Believe in yourself!


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