Back From the Dead


Sounds a little freaky, doesn’t it?

It’s a phrase that really seems to spook some people out.

They usually associate it with zombies.

(I’ve never really liked zombies. Cheap, ugly counterfeits, those buggers. I once gave a ride to a zombie who needed a lift. But he wasn’t a real zombie. That was just his day job. He was nice enough. )

Back from the dead.

It’s about making a comeback—only you come back better than before. You just beat what has been rumored to be the biggest thing that keeps people down (and in the ground)!

You start walking through walls and freaking out your bffs. The one called Thomas just can’t believe it without sticking his hand inside you. Okay, bro . . .

The women caught onto it first, but nobody really seemed to believe them. Because they’re women. (Such highly emotional creatures!)

You decide to do lunch on the beach, and Peter jumps out of his boat just to join you. (The guy really feels bad about the whole “rooster thing,” and is super-happy to see you!)

Back from the dead.

Some Roman guards are about to lose their jobs. (You were supposed to be guarding the tomb, but you flip out when the earth shakes and some glowing dude shows up and rolls the big rock out of the way. How’d the glowing dude get so jacked, anyway?) They lose their minds in fear.

Back from the dead.

High priests are trying to keep a lid on it, but the news is spreading! He’s back. The nutty rabbi who turned water into wine. The crazy one who kept going on about tearing down temples and building them up again. (Guess we know what He meant, now!)

He’s back.

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