Speak one way,

speak another.

What are you saying?

Paint a picture.

Would you grow?

Would you cultivate

a garden?

It is not enough

to hide—

to remain concealed

in the shadow

of half-truths.

But does the raw

beauty of truth

astound you?


Is it

too much?

Or can you

look it

in the eye?


Speak one way,

speak another.

If you seek

to tear me down,

will you not also

destroy yourself?


who am

your mirror.

Do you despise

the beauty within?

Do you consider it



Are you afraid

to love

with depth—

depth being

the point of no return—

depth being

the nail of Jesus,

not the kiss of Judas.

Either you are hot

or you are cold.

I cannot love


It is all

Or nothing.


speak one way,

speak another.


Unexpected Journeys


So, it’s been a bit since I last wrote. I recall feeling psyched about an article I was writing about one of my best friends who is a fantastic artist and who was doing an art show. There are some people so amazing that you just want to show them off to the whole world, and she is one of them. Brilliant, frickin’ awesome human being.

She moved. One of my best friends in the whole world moved. Back to Texas. I know that she is stepping out and doing what she is called to do with her life, and this is part of it. I am happy for her, but I also feel a little sad because I miss her.

And then I moved—about at the same time, actually. I left some highly familiar settings and ventured off into another city. So, it’s been a bit of a full last few months. Maybe sometime I will get around to publishing the article I wrote. I have it on dock; I just want to go over it with my friend first to check some stuff for accuracy.

I have been learning things and doing things that I don’t know that I would have previously imagined learning or doing. I have some things that I have been pondering as a result that I think will be quite worth writing about.

Until Next Time . . .

The Joy Detective